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Fuzzy Logic

Escaping reality one drawing at a time





July 11th, 2012

Yes Tsukino Isho is somewhat alive again! I wanted to get a seramyu group together to celebrate the announcement of the new Sailor Moon anime that is being released next summer!!
So Jen and I will be trying to get our costumes done for Naru2U which is in Ottawa in November. Other than that we will most likely be doing something for Anime North.

Ok here is a breakdown of what I'm looking for. I need people who are willing to learn the dances from the musicals and perform them on stage. If you commit to the project there will be no backing out unless it is an emergency. Nothing is more irritating than people flaking out on a performance.
I will need everyone to attempt to make their own costumes...if you need help I am willing to help out with the sewing and patterns. I know fabric can be expensive but we can work with what we can afford.

Sailor Moon - Nikki
Sailor Mercury -
Sailor Mars - open
Sailor Venus - open
Sailor Jupiter - open
Tuxedo Kamen - open
Chibi-Usa - open

Sailor Pluto - Jen
Sailor Uranus - open
Sailor Neptune - open
Sailor Saturn - open

The Starlights will be dependent on which musical we will be doing and as such will be casting last
Sailor Star Fighter -
Sailor Star Healer -
Sailor Star Maker -


so far we have interest in the Black Lady musical so I will be casting for it.

Prince Diamond -
Sapphire -
Emerald -
Wiseman -
Black Lady - Amanda

November 9th, 2011

More Etsy goodness!!

I have added more listings to my etsy shop including a beautiful hair stick kanzashi made from authentic habotai silk. http://www.etsy.com/shop/rainetomoe
The only other place to get my kanzashi and chainmaille is at Naru2U.
School is also going well...I'm not failing this time which is good and I can see my animation improving quite a bit.
I've also dove into the pony craze right now lol I managed to get my hands on some G1 and a couple of G3 ponies that are in need of restoration or a customization. I may sell some of them once I am done...it depends on how attached I get to them ^^'
I've also started working on a pony plush prototype...so far it's turning out ok but I need to make it bigger and tweak a couple of things on it for the next prototype.

October 18th, 2011



October 12th, 2011


I'm wondering if I can participate this year...have been super busy though I would rather continue with the novel that I had started last year instead of trying to write a whole new one. The one I started last year is called Caged and it;s the farthest I've ever gotten with one of my stories.
I'm really hoping I can finish it and get it published. It's currently 15 pages long and is a sci-fi/fantasy/horror type book...not surprising lol.
Here is a little bit of the book so far:

A voice called to me...I heard it outside the darkness...different than the others...
“Peter I think she moved!” Cate cried as she took a step back.
“That's impossible...she can't still be alive.” Just after the words left Peter's lips he hard a loud beep...beep...beep from the instruments in the room.
Is it time for me to wake-up? I slowly opened my eyes. Things were different than the last time, the darkness spread around the room and different figures were there. My heart thundered in my chest and felt like it was going to escape from behind my ribs. I wanted out...it was the first time since before I could remember that I had such a strong feeling of need and want. I felt the blood pump through my cold and motionless body, bringing life and warmth it. I flexed my fingers and felt them move; at this realization I smiled and moved my hand to rest against the smooth surface that was the wall of my watery prison.
“Peter! We need to do something!” Cate cried as she searched the chamber for a button or a switch that would open it.
“Hang on let me look at what is on these computers. I might be able to open it from there.” Peter went over to the closest console and started pressing buttons on the keyboard, his hands moving at lightning speed from experience. Text and pictures fired across the screen as Peter read through the information that was held within the machine. He slowed until his hands hovered poised above the keyboard as he read the document on the screen and re-read it to make sure he was reading it right.
“Cate you should see this...” Peter managed to say as he kept reading. When Cate came up beside him he scrolled back to the beginning of the document. “They were doing illegal scientific testing here. This poor girl was one of their human test rats.” Peter scrolled down so Cate could keep reading. “The born experiments all died so they started kidnapping children?!” Cate looked over her shoulder. “But the date on this entry is from over fifty years ago...it's not possible that this girl is one of those missing children.”
“Under the circumstances this room shouldn't exist anymore.” Peter resumed his typing as he looked for a way to open the water filled chamber.
I saw them just like the creatures clad in white; pressing buttons and looking at a screen that was flashing, casting lights on their faces. I did not want to remember what they did to me. I did not want to feel the pain again. Images filled my head, looking up at a harsh light, feeling cold hard metal at my back. There were strange instruments that poked and prodded me, strange mixtures I was forced to drink. There was a sudden roar in my head and my hands started to hurt and it was only then that I was ripped away from the memory and realized that I was screaming and trying to escape by pounding my fists on the invisible walls of this god forsaken prison.
“Peter hurry! She's going to hurt herself, we need to get her out of there!” Cate screamed as she flailed her arms helplessly.
“Just one more minute, I almost got it.... there!” An air raid siren sounded and there was a loud swish of air followed by the sound of water falling in a great torrent to the floor.
I could feel the gravity pull me to the ground as the watery liquid slid away from my skin to pool on the floor under me. My lungs burned for fresh air and my head swam with the suddenness of my fall. I felt my skin cool as the air-dried it; my body shook and convulsed on the floor as I tried to breath and keep myself warm at the same time. I felt something warm cover my skin as someone knelt beside me and whispered soothing words at me. It helped calm my heartbeat but my body still shivered with exhaustion.
“It's ok you're safe now...” Cate soothed the naked and fragile girl shivering on the cold, hard floor. “Can you walk?”
“w-w-w-w-a-lk?” I was surprised by the quiet raspy sounds that stuttered past my lips. It had been so long since the last time I had communicated with another.... person that I wasn't sure I still could. I also remembered that I could walk at one point but I hadn't moved in so long that I doubted my body could hold its own weight let alone walk. I gave a small shake of my head in answer and huddled myself tighter to the cloth that was given to me so that I could at least stop shivering.
“Peter...she understands me! I don't think she can walk on her own though and we need to get her someplace warm before she freezes to death.” Cate exclaimed as she move to rub the girl's frozen arms to help warm them up.
It was so sudden that I didn't know what to do...the female person touched my arm and when she did I felt a warm tingle along my skin. I jerked away from her in fear clutching the cloth so hard it hurt my fingers.

If you want to read more let me know and I will post it...and please let me know how you like it.

September 29th, 2011

Etsy Shop

I'm not sure if anyone still reads my journal but just in case anyone does and is interested I make kanzashi hair accessories and chainmaille jewelry that I sell on etsy. There are a few things up now and I will post more when I get around to taking pictures of them.
My etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/82431566/pink-fall

March 16th, 2011

(no subject)

My logic is always fuzzy...like me wanting to go back to school to try animation...again...fuzzy but makes sense in my head. I just don't see myself as a radio news reporter...I dislike talking to strangers too much. Production I could handle though...but I think my path lies in animation...cause well I just like cartoons and animations too much not to try again.

February 24th, 2011


I don't really use LJ all that much...though I think I state that in every single post that I make. Oh well it doesn't matter.

I don't even remember what my last post was about and I'm too lazy to check lol. I'm back in Ottawa and am living with some new amazingly cool roommates. Things are going well even though my current work place is still in the land of evil. I'm in my last semester of radio broadcasting...yay College diploma here I come.
After school I have a few travel plans if I can swing them. I got my passport photos taken and my forms signed. I just have to finish filling them out then send them. Anime North hotel is booked for May...now just need to pre reg and work on stuff for the crafters table. Then there is a chance I might be going to Alberta with my sister to visit a friend and then in Aug I am going to Otakuthon in Montreal with my awesome roomies. We are getting an art table there.

Re-applied for Animation at Algonquin. Gonna try to finish the program this time around so that when I'm done I can voice, edit, and animate my own work. ^^ now I just need to find some acting courses and I will be on my way to becoming an animator/voice actress.

March 15th, 2010


I thought I would rant here cause well no one reads my LJ anymore and I don't really want to hurt any of my friends or hear anything about being so negative and complaining all the time.
I am really hating current affairs right now....no one is getting back to me about an interview...I mean it's only a 2 mi long interview and everyone is too busy to sit down with me and answer some questions for 2 min!!!! I need these stories to pass this stupid 5 week long class or I don't go on to second year.
Though I really don't know why I chose radio broadcasting in the first place...I mean I never listen to the radio ever!! I don't care about politics, don't read the newspaper ever and I don't watch the news on TV very often....so really....why am I taking this class? I hate people and I hate asking strangers questions.
I felt better in animation...to an extent...even though it taught me that I'm not as good at drawing as I thought I was. Now I fear that I will be stuck working at Walmart forever.
Life sucks right now!

December 27th, 2009

Happy Holidays to all!

I often forget about LJ then I remember there are people on here that I like to read their journals and stuff. ^^"

I hope everyone had an awsome holiday!! I had a pretty good one. Still not sure how I'm gonna get everything back with me on the bus though. I asked around to some of my friends to see when they are going back and if they could take the three in one printer I got with them cause the box is huge...but I havn't gotten a response back yet. I guess they are just busy with their families. I'll think of something...I mean I always have to do everything on my own anyways.
My sister offered to drive me back but my mom gets too worried that something bad might happen on the way there or back.

My grades at school are sooooo much better than they were last year. I guess that means I really wasn't meant to be an animator even though I still really want to do it.
Radio Broadcasting is awsome though and full of so many really nice and awsome people. I got two A's and A- two B's and a C but I only got the C because my final was online and I forgot about it. >.< so I got a 0 on one final. At least I still passed.

South Keys Wal-mart is the epitomy of all that is evil. It is the busiest and dirtiest wal-mart I have ever worked in. The customers are harder to please and everyone is so racest against everyone else it makes me ill. I mean they don't really voice their oppinions out loud but there are some things I overhear that make me angry.
I don't mean this to sound racest and I'm not but this is honest...the french and the native people are the hardest ones to serve in that store. I do have problems with some of the other cultures too but for the most part it's because of the language barrier and the fact that they were raised very differently than we were.
I usually get over the stupidity of people though. It's just a job that I have until I can find something better. Besides I always get the best stories from my experiences at Wal-mart.

I went out shopping with my mom on boxing day. It wasn't as busy as lastyear which is good cause I hate large crowds of people. They make me feel clausterphobic. I ran into Amy and her Dad which was a big surprise. We chatted for a bit. It was nice to see Amy smile and she looks better than the last time I saw her.

I need to get my teeth looked at really soon before they get sooo sore I can't stand it. I got one of them pulled last year because I coun;t afford a root canal then they tell me I need two more root canals done possibly three if they can't just fill the one tooth. I really don't want to get three more teeth pulled but a root canal is gonna cost me $2 thousand dollars a tooth >.< I don't even make that much in three months worth of pays at work. Plus I have all my bills and rent I have to pay. I may just have to get them pulled and get some fake teeth put in...how embarassing at age 28 and I need false teeth already. Makes me sad but there isn't much I can do about it.

On a lighter note I might be going out for sushi tonight with my sisters! Aaaannnnd I saw Avatar the other night! It was by far the best movie I have ever seen!!! I saw it in digital 3D and is was sooo pretty!!! I wanna go see it again! I wanna learn the Na'Vi language and I wanna mod one of my dolls to make it look like a Na'Vi and I wanna do some Avatar fanart. I mean I have lots of free time right now since I don't go back to school until Jan 11.

Some kinda sad news....I may not be going to Anime North this year. It's the only convention I get to now cause I live so far away from Toronto and for the first time in nine years I will miss Anime North. That makes me sad. My cosplay group is pretty much nonexsistant now and I havn't made a half decent costume in a few years now. I was sooo excited about doing FFXI but not doing it now. I also really wanna do Fate/Stay Night, and Sakura Taisen the musical. Oh well we will see what happens in the new year.

June 23rd, 2009

Wow a LJ entry!!

Ya I don't reallt frequent LJ anymore...or any blog sites really. I do most of my blogging on deviantart or I just keep it to myself.

So updates since last Aug...wow there are alot...so I didn't get back in to the Kanata walmart like I wanted to...I ended up in South Keys which is such a sketchy place...though I have made friends of my co-workers in electronics which is good since most of the people I worked with in Kanata don't work there anymore.
I had gotten in to the animation program like I wanted and was crushed horribly when I failed first semester and couldn't go back cause it was a core course or something stupid like that. Then the OC Transpo went on strike which cause rage for many a people that don't drive in Ottawa...which made it hard for me to get to work. I got back in to pre-animation and was bored as hell...plus I kept getting wierd looks from the other students...kinda like a "you don't belong" vibe. So I didn't get to many classes because of the strike and because it felt super wird...like being held back in elementary school.
Good that most of my friends got to 2nd year animation though! I am happy for them but a bit jealous. So no I'm on accademic probation bause of my non GPA of second semester and my failing of first semester...which means no more government funding for me...which also means no more school for me *yay* >.< So I get to do the whole working two jobs thing to pay off osap and still have monies to pay rent and all that fun stuff.
My roommate is moving back home in Aug...I sometimes whish is was sooner cause our personalities so clash. And I'm getting a new roommate....hopefully...in on of my P-dot friends...as the majority of them are moving to Ottawa for the fall school year this year.
Anime North was ok...not one of the best but not one of the worst either. We got a room at the Doubletree this year...it was nice being in a con hotel again but the rooms were small and over priced.
I was supposed to be going to Japan this Aug. but with me being on accademic probation and having to start paying back my osap that just isn't possible right now...plus I don't think I would get my passport back in time anyways.
I was also thinking of planning a trip to Vancouver to take part in a voice acting seminar...that would be super keen...but again something to plan for in the future.
I have to go to the school and talk to financial aid about things too...and I have to organize my portfolio yet again so that I can apply for animation some time in the future.
I had applied for radio broadcasting but the tuition for that course is $1000 more per semester than animation @_@ so that is kinda a big no unless I win the lottery or something like that...which could happen...who knows. O.o
We are also in the planning stages of a spring break trip to Florida with a whole bunch of people which should be super fun as we already have arrangements on accomidations...again I just need to get my butt in gear and get my passport ^^;

In other news it is stinken hot out!! I want a thunderstorm...a really good one too...been gyped so far this year.
I've also been podcasting with E...had to take some time off pre and post AN due to work, sick, tired, and broken mic. I however have a new mic so I can record again! I'm also planning on taking some time off in Aug when I was supposed to go to Japan and go home to P-dot to visit then off to TO for some CN cause *dramatic pause* Scott is gonna be there this year!!! After something like 5 years away from Toronto conventions he is finally comming back along with a whole bunch of awsome voice actors!
so that more or less sums up the highlights of what has been going on this year.
Some good things some bad and some things I wish didn't have to happen >.<
Oh well...just gotta keep on going and battle what the world throws at me.
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